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**NOTE:  As noted on the "Home" page, the clinic is closed to new patients as of August 31, 2015.  Please see "About Us" for more details.

Oak Hill Psychiatry is an insurance-free, direct-pay practice.  This frees you and I (Dr. Wernsing) from the many constraints imposed upon us by insurance.  We can have in-person visits, phone visits, and sometimes even visits outside my office.  We can also use texting, e-mail, Twitter, Skype, and other ways to interact.  We will not be forced to have only a 10 - 15 minute visit.  We can meet for longer duration (or shorter).

To become a patient at Oak Hill Psychiatry and to see Dr. Wernsing, the cost had been $45 per month.*  Due to the success of this clinic, Dr. Wernsing closed to new patients in late August of 2015 (see "Home" for details).  When and if he opens to new patients again, Dr. Wernsing expects that the fee will be increased from $45 per month to a $100 initial visit fee with $45 per month thereafter.  The up-front $100 fee is meant to account for time that Dr. Wernsing expects to spend during the more lengthy initial visit and review of records (if any).

The expectation is that this monthly fee would be charged to a credit or debit card that you enter when you complete the patient enrollment form (buttons to do so are below; the "Open in Fullscreen" button seems to work the best for most people).

For this monthly fee, you will receive services including the following:  Up to 18 visits per year in-office, and no limit to phone calls, e-mail communication, texting, and other forms of communication.*  Also, I will write and refill prescriptions (if any), order relevant lab work and review it, obtain and review outside records, and complete prior authorization attempts to get your medication(s) covered by insurance.

It is important to note that your insurance company likely will not reimburse you for this monthly fee.  You may be able to use funds that you have in a Health Savings Account or a similar account.  Also, this monthly fee may go toward your annual deductible for out-of-pocket expenses.  Tax, insurance, and related rules change often.  So, please, if you are unsure about reimbursement or deductibility or related issues for payments to me, consult an appropriate advisor.

If you have questions about this, please visit the Contact page so that you can complete a form to e-mail me with your questions.  Also, please see the FAQs page.

* = More details can be found in the "Treatment Agreement" which you can request by contacting me by completing the form on this page.