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My in-office time is variable, so please try e-mail, text, or phone first.

Oak Hill Psychiatry

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Dr. Wernsing is a physician specializing in the field of psychiatry and mental health.

Meet Dr. Wernsing

As your psychiatrist, I will be available for the following:

  • Psychiatric assessment
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment with prescription and/or non-prescription methods
  • Communication with your other physicians
  • Follow-up appointments; and communication directly with me via phone, text, and e-mail

Our Services

Dr. Wernsing can see patients with and without insurance and regardless of insurance type.


New Patients

The clinic is currently closed to new patients.  Please see "About Us" and other tabs for more information.

When the clinic is open to new patients, new patients are usually seen within 14 days.  Please see "About Us" for details.