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In addition to Oak Hill Psychiatry Clinic and a variety of other clinical work with children and adults, Dr. Wernsing maintains an active forensic psychiatry practice.  He has worked with clients and examinees in the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

If you wish to contact Dr. Wernsing regarding his forensic work, you may use the "Contact" tab on this site.  Alternatively, you may use the e-mail address that is contained in the graphic below.  (I use a graphic representation of the e-mail address in an attempt to minimize junk mail from 'bots that sift through websites to find e-mail addresses as text.)

Oak Hill Psychiatry

I provide expert consultation, examination, report-writing, and testimony regarding the law and psychiatry/medicine.  Such issues include the following:

Civil forensic psychiatry:

Capacity to enter into a contract
Testamentary capacity (including retrospective and/or posthumous evaluations)
Psychiatric negligence/malpractice and standard-of-care evaluations
Psychiatric injury and disability
fitness for duty

Criminal forensic psychiatry:

Competence to stand trial (commonly known as a Rule 20.01 evaluation in Minnesota)
Criminal responsibility (Rule 20.02)
Testimonial capacity
Sentencing considerations

Legal regulation of psychiatry and psychiatric patients:

Commitment evaluations (mentally ill, developmentally delayed, chemically dependent, mentally ill and dangerous, sexually dangerous persons, sexual psychopathic personality)
Evaluations related to imposed treatment with neuroleptic or anti-psychotic medications (commonly known as Jarvis evaluations in Minnesota)
Evaluations related to imposed treatment with electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) (commonly known as Price-Sheppard evaluations in Minnesota)


Actuarial and clinical risk assessment
Psychological/Psychiatric autopsy