Do you have any practice philosophies that I should be aware of?

Yes, I believe in the beneficial effects of work.  Also, I believe that vast amounts of unstructured time and lack of purpose (work, education) can be harmful.  Hence, I choose not to complete disability paperwork such as SSDI paperwork, county assistance forms, and the like.  Also, as a practical matter, the time commitment for such forms is outside the ability of me and this clinic.  Also, I generally avoid prescribing of stimulants.  More details can be found in the "Treatment Agreement" which you can request by contacting me by completing the form on this page.

What if we don't meet some months, is monthly fee still charged?

Yes.  The monthly fee goes toward the time I expect to spend per month--on average--with tasks such as refills, lab and record review, in-office visits, and other contact with my patients.  Also, like any clinic, Oak Hill Psychiatry has recurring and monthly expenses.  Having a predictable income is vital to the financial well-being of the clinic (as opposed to varying and inconsistent reimbursement from insurance plans).

What do you mean by insurance-free and direct-pay?

Oak Hill Psychiatry does not take insurance.  This means that I don't attempt to bill insurance for your visit.  I don't even really need or want to know what insurance company you have.  The only reason that your insurance might be important to our visit(s) is if they refuse to cover your medications.

Direct-pay means that the initial fee and the monthly fees are taken out of your credit or debit card to pay for Oak Hill Psychiatry and Dr. Wernsing's services.

Where are you located?

Dr. Wernsing's office is located in the Brandt Law Office building in St. Peter, MN.  You can come to the front door and they will let me know that you have arrived.  There is a back entrance that leads to a small waiting area directly outside my office.  I will be able to see you arrive through the window in my office.  The red pin in the map below is in the area of the back entrance, and it is also near a small parking lot, off street, within the block.

Call Us:  507-200-3232


You mentioned that you closed to new patients at the end of August, 2015.  Can you explain this further?

Yes.  This direct-pay clinic was a new venture for me as of the start of 2015.  It was successful and--combined with my other work--I became quite busy.  A time period of closing to new patients should allow me to re-evaluate how many patients I can follow at this clinic, my time commitments related to that, and what the clinic's pricing structure should be.

As noted on other pages on this site, you may still choose to contact me or complete the registration form.  Since I do not know how long I will be closed to new patients, however, you should seek psychiatric care elsewhere in the interim.

Oak Hill Psychiatry

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  • May 1, 2016:  Further updated the information found in the "Forensics" tab.
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  • ​October 8, 2015:  Updated the site again to add more information about the clinic closing to new patients, to add alternatives for patients to receive psychiatric care in lieu of Dr. Wernsing and this clinic, and to create this page (later deleted and subsumed into this current location).
  • August 31, 2015:  Clinic has closed to new patients.  No current date for re-opening.  See "About Us" for more.  Also updated the site to reflect this.
  • April 14, 2015:  Updated the site and added an FAQs page for frequently asked questions.
  • Weekend of January 17, 2015:  Clinic opens to registration of patients.